How to use Kinesiology for Pain Relief ?

How does pain affect the patients morale?

Pain in the body can have quite a debilitating effect on people, their mindset and overall attitude towards like. In my experience continued pain can really change people, I have seen my mum suffer from pain in the body and it is really sad to watch the people you love, on continued medication. The drugs change the chemistry of the body, it also blocks the pain and with time it is hard to identify which problem is connected to which other problem. My advise if you can avoid it, dont let it get there, your health is everything and there is no need to test it.

Kinesiology is largely a preventative practice, and if you use Kinesiology effectively over a long period of time you will not need any medication. If you have a regular headache, ask your self what is your body trying to tell you? Your body has its own intelligence, kind of separate to the intelligence of the mind and there is a fantastic book called “Your body never lies” by Micho Kushi. There is a reason for the headache or shoulder pain, in a Kinesiology clinic through a muscle testing process you will get awareness of the real issue that is causing the pain and you will get to clear the issue thus allowing the body to heal itself.

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Pain Management Kinesiology Balmain

Kinesiology is a potent and remarkable system that enables a practitioner to work with a wide range of issues, from different angles: emotional, physical and nutritional. While it can work exceedingly well with the diffusion of emotional stress, it may work equally well with the elimination of muscular pain and weakness. It can also be effective in the elimination of allergies and food sensitivities. as well as loosening the grip of self-destructive habits such as obsessions and addictions. (Dr. Charles Krebs).

The Pain Management Technique

Here is a technique that allows you to

  • Reducing and disappearing pain
  • Reducing and disappearing pressure
  • Reducing and disappearing negative / overwhelming emotions
  • Release of depression
  • Relief of irritability and restlessness
  • Fatique, tiredness, boredom, etc

The Step by Step Method

  1. On a scale of 1-10, if 10 is the worst you have experienced, what number would you give the intensity of the pain.
  2. Scan your body for a sensation, pressure, pain and tightness or energy block
  3. Where is it ? ( Identify the pain in relationship to other parts of the body)
  4. What shape is it ? (round, oval or square)
  5. What size is it ? (exact measurement)
  6. How deep is it ?
  7. What colour is it ?
  8. What texture is it ? (hard like metal or wood, or softer like rubber or like liquid)
  9. On a scale of 1-10, if 10 is the worst you have experienced, what number would you give it now.