How to develop your individual potential in a holistic manner

The founder of Kinesiology For Performance; Sharrda Mani, is a leading Kinesiologist in Balmain, Australia that is actively using Coaching, Counselling, Somatic Psychotherapy, Body Psychology and Kinesiology to produce amazing shifts for her clients. Sharrda has had a Corporate Career (understands business and client issues), a qualified educator and a Kinesiologist and has run a successful clinic for over 10 years.

Kinesiology Balance Body Integration

Sharrda came across Kinesiology after having studied Somatic Psychotherapy courses for 3 years part-time (2000 to 2003) in the year 2004. Her experience with Kinesiology treatments in Balmain were holistic and profound, and the most amazing part was that the issues once resolved did not reappear. This one phenomenon alone lead to heightened levels of curiosity, questioning why it worked and how does it work.

Having studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics for 3 years at University, Sharrda decided to study Kinesiology, starting with (Touch for Health), became a Teacher of Kinesiology (Touch for Health) and then moving on to ICPKP (International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice) for further study. She continued studying as well as practising in Balmain, as she fully grasped the systems and functions that made Kinesiology an effective clinical practice. She started to apply Kinesiology not only to health but also to overall performance in life.

Kinesiology for performance in Balmain was created with the needs of the client in mind. The word performance to her meant ‘day to day performance, showing up every day as the best version of yourself, therefore delivering results at work, at home and in every area of life.’ Being able to work all day and not be tired but energised. Even when there is high demand on your time and resources, be able to function at your best, without blocking out your feelings or putting a part of yourself on the back burner, while achieving results.

Eventually Sharrda created the “Advanced Education Program” in Balmain, where she works with children producing amazing shifts in their behaviour, ability to read, write and effectively learn at school. She has also had a number of parents experience positive behavioural shifts, including motivation to learn, increased focus at school and enhanced discipline in their children.

As a professional Kinesiologist, she helps you bring awareness and understanding to what has been stored and how it is linking to your life currently, release the attachments to the past events energetically. I support you to understand your body’s wisdom by bringing awareness to core repetitive emotional patterns that stop you from being your true self (because repetitive patterns can stick like glue!).

Our Fees

The intention of our practice is to provide, ethical, professional and cost effective leadership coaching and Kinesiology. Our fees for a 55 minute session costs $200 plus GST. These fees normally reflect the experience and qualifications of the therapist.  The practice is willing to consider a discount to someone who is having financially difficulties.

The same amount is charged for an individual or couples coaching session. The fee is based on the session time and not on the number of people in the session. We are unable to provide any Health Fund or Medicare rebate. If the sessions are work related and long term we are able to provide an invoice which you can claim on tax as education expenses.

EFTPOS facilities are available at our practice and payment is required at the end of the consultation. You can pay by cash, direct debit or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). We use a fixed fee model which applies per session. We will occasionally negotiate your session fees where you can demonstrate a constraint in being able to afford the standard fee.

Please alert us at the earliest opportunity where the cost of a session is becoming an issue. We do our best to work with you and help make the sessions possible.